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Lisa McCullough: Addicted to Learning

Too often people are prematurely labelled in today’s world as ‘inspirational’, but Lisa McCullough from Liverpool seven is a genuine inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity in their life and successfully come out the other end. At 37, Lisa made the decision to get clean of a crippling drug addiction, embraced life and learning and decided to undertake a Level 2 Health and Social Care qualification at The Learning Foundry to further her career opportunities.

Lisa’s motivation to better herself was borne of that drug addiction that had hampered her for almost four years but her desire to learn came from her time spent in a rehabilitation centre in Aigburth, a leafy suburb of Liverpool.

“I decided to learn when I got clean and sober and I could see things, you know there is a life out there other than addiction. I did 12 weeks on a treatment programme and I moved upstairs to a private floor for 12 weeks and that’s when I did my studying with The Learning Foundry,” said Lisa.

Lisa initially heard about The Learning Foundry’s Level 2 Health and Social Care qualification from a friend at that rehab centre and says that a Level 2 NVQ was a requirement so that she would be allowed to undertake voluntary work. Lisa has a real drive, passion and determination to help others with addiction and those that have indirectly suffered and is committed to using her experiences and what she has learned for the benefit of others.

“I’m undertaking voluntary work in the rehab centre. I’m also doing a few other short courses and am working with PSS in Liverpool. I’m doing a parenting course with them around drugs and alcohol and a life coaching course with a view to getting enough credits to go to university and do a Youth and Community degree.

“I want to help children that have suffered parental abuse, have witnessed abuse, have witnessed their parents in addiction, so that they don’t end up repeating the cycle,” said Lisa.

Lisa feels she has learned an awful lot about herself in her time studying, mainly that she is capable of doing it and has achieved so much in her six months sober including now understanding how to relate to people in a person-centred way.

The Learning Foundry were very supportive of Lisa during her time on the course, with her tutor Kirsty just a call away on Zoom if needed and she affirms that her qualification met her expectations and more.

“It’s been really good, I really enjoyed it, it’s a really good course and the things I have learned have practical applications for my voluntary work at the rehab centre,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s story has inspired us all at The Learning Foundry and her willingness and desire to self-improve are admirable to say the least. We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Lisa on her hard work and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you Lisa, you’re a true inspiration!

If Lisa’s story has inspired you and you’d like to learn more about the qualifications and opportunities available at The Learning Foundry you can contact our Workforce Development Team on 0300 123 8088 or email

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