Remote Learning

Following the Government's announcement on Monday 4th January 2021, our campus is closed and all teaching has been transferred to online delivery until further notice.

We understand that this new national lockdown will be difficult for everyone, and that each person will have their own personal circumstances to contend with.

Where self-isolation or local restrictions require students to remain at home, we have published our remote education offer below and the approaches we will take to support apprentices, traineeship students and adult learners at this time.


Our offer is highly adaptable and can be adjusted to cater for any changes required.

The vocational curriculum for each qualification will continue with each apprentice. Whilst some face-to-face visits can still take place, the majority of visits/classes will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

Our assessors are highly experienced and will work with each learner/employer, on an individual basis, to adjust the curriculum where required. We will use other methods of assessment where needed to support apprentices to make progress and complete their programme. The Learning Foundry must do this in line with awarding body requirements, but we will discuss this with apprentices and employers, keeping them informed at all times.

Apprentices have access to Learning Assistant – an online portfolio.  This means they can access resources and submit coursework at any time. Planning, teaching, learning, assessments and feedback are detailed on Learning Assistant, allowing apprentices to continue to make progress when face-to-face visits are limited or are not possible.

Apprentices' Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) will detail planned timetabling of any 'off-the-job' classes that apprentices are required to attend, and we ask that students continue to follow this - letting their assessor know when this is not possible.


Our Traineeship provision has been adapted to be delivered either via a blended or fully online model. We have worked hard to ensure that learning is still engaging, inspiring, fun and provides our students with as many opportunities as possible!

The following delivery arrangements are in place to ensure students have a high-quality learning experience:

Access to laptop / internet 

All students who enrol onto our Traineeship programmes are loaned a laptop/internet dongle where requested. This ensures that each student has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Microsoft Teams 

All students have access to Microsoft Teams and receive a full IT and online safety induction, which includes how to navigate the system and make the most of the technology we have available. Each Traineeship group has access to their own class Microsoft Teams page, where live lessons take place daily (unless students are on work experience or have a timetabled day off/self-study day).

All online and remote sessions are integrated into students' timetables. Any changes will be communicated via Microsoft Teams and telephone.

Google Classroom

All students have access to Google Classroom. Each day work is set via Google Classroom and a wide suite of resources are available. A wide variety of teaching methods are used including Powerpoint presentations, group work, class discussions and research tasks.

Learning Assistant

All students have their own online portfolio, which means they can submit coursework at any time. All assessments and feedback are detailed on Learning Assistant, allowing students to continue to make progress against qualifications/learning aims at all times.


Students studying Maths, English and ICT skills will receive live lessons on their allocated Functional Skills delivery day. This will be supported by our BKSB (Basic Key Skills Builder) system, improving Functional Skills knowledge and understanding to prepare for any required assessments.

Work placements

Students are able to attend their work placement if safe to do so. We have rigorous health and safety/risk assessment protocols in place to ensure students and staff are kept safe at all times.


Currently exams are able to go ahead. We have the necessary arrangements in place to facilitate exams from our campus but can delay them where required subject to consultation with students/parents and carers.

Support arrangements

Teaching staff will be available to support trainee’s throughout the duration of each session and on allocated self-study days.

Regular 1-2-1 with pastoral tutors will continue, to identify and support any issues that may impact on students being able to continue/progress with their programme.

Trainees should discuss any concerns they have with their subject or pastoral tutor to overcome barriers and issues including any positive COVID-19 cases.

Adult learning

Our adult learning provision has been adapted to be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. We have worked hard to ensure that learning is still engaging, inspiring, fun and provides learners with as many opportunities as possible!

The following delivery arrangements are in place to ensure learners have a high-quality learning experience:

Access to laptop/internet

We ask that all adult learners who enrol onto our programmes have access to the internet and at least a mobile phone. All of our resources are available both online and paper based, to ensure everyone who enrols has an equal opportunity to succeed. Those requiring paper-based resources will have them posted before the course begins.

Microsoft Teams

All learners have access to Microsoft Teams and receive a full IT and online safety induction which includes how to navigate the system and make the most of the technology we have available. Each group has access to a Microsoft Teams page unique to the qualification they are studying. Live lessons will take place for 90-120 minutes, 2 days per week, with the remainder of the timetabled day used for self-guided study and reviews with tutors. A detailed, planned timetable will be sent to each learner, this will include times, dates, and approximate length of Microsoft Teams classes.


Tutors will ensure that all lesson plans, scheme of work, workbooks and online presentations, such as Powerpoint are prepared in advance and sent to learners.

Learner workbooks will be provided and will be sent out both electronically and by post (where required). Stamped addressed envelopes will be provided for those learners completing handwritten evidence.

Regular feedback will be provided either verbally or written, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, informing the learner of progress, achievements and stretch activities to enhance their skills and knowledge further.

Where an individual does not have access to a laptop, we will utilise ‘learner support funding’ where possible to purchase one or adapt our delivery methods to ensure every learner has full access to all resources to achieve their qualification.

Expectations of learners

All apprentices, traineeship students and adult learners are expected to:

  • maintain regular contact with tutors and assessors throughout their programme both in terms of course requirements and personal circumstances e.g isolation, positive testing or childcare issues.
  • attend all timetabled sessions, punctually and equipped to participate in the session, completing all tasks set, letting their tutor/assessor know in advance where this is not possible.
  • attend meetings, sessions and visits fully prepared and ready to learn.
  • raise any concerns relating to their personal or educational development as soon as possible either by telephone, email or MS Teams to ensure their tutor/assessor can take the appropriate actions to ensure there is no disruption to learning and individual progress.

Support with equipment

Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities

No courses at TLF require specialist equipment or facilities.       

Support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning support for students with SEND

If any student requires support with access to a laptop, internet or other devices TLF will support in the following ways:

  • Work with apprentices’ employers (where applicable) to try and organise equipment and software to be made available.
  • Utilise ‘learner support funding’ to purchase students’ laptops.
  • Loan students a laptop / internet dongle via our digital learning loan scheme.

Any learner at TLF with special needs will be offered the same level of service as those without in the first instance. Other support that will be available includes:

  • Additional Learning Support tutor visits to assist with learning and assessments between visits/classes.
  • Access to campus (where government guidance allows) to meet with tutor/assessor face to face to break down any barriers and ensure expected progress is made.

TLF will maintain regular contact with any external agencies, parents or guardians of learners who have an identified EHCP as outlined in a learner's support plan documentation.