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A collaborative approach to learning – training for the housing sector

Courses at The Learning Foundry are designed and delivered by the sector, for the sector, and we’re so proud of our expert team who deliver them. One of our newest team members, Steve Blackburn is joining our team as a Housing Learning and Development Specialist after trading in his senior leadership position in social housing. We caught up with Steve to talk about his new role.

“The role was an exciting opportunity to skill up a sector I worked in for over 20 years. There is a lot I’ve learnt in that time, and it’s about time I give something back to the housing leaders of the future.

“I say that, but it’s not just housing. At The Learning Foundry I deliver sessions directly linked to all elements of my skill set. I’ve been delivering leadership and management sessions and corporate inductions. It’s great to be able to add value to learners who have similar roles to those I’ve fulfilled.

“Obviously it’s a different skill, becoming a coach. It’s different to how I used to deliver training to my own team but it’s exciting being on the journey with learners – coaching them to get where they need to be to excel in their role and to complete their qualifications.

“Flexibility in coaching is one of The Learning Foundry’s key benefits. All of our coaches are adaptable to new opportunities to work with businesses. That could mean developing remote learning resources or facilitating blended learning opportunities, doing whatever we can do to the needs of the customer.

“Housing qualifications are a good idea for anyone working in housing. The Social Housing (Regulation) Bill will determine when these qualifications become a requirement, but there are more reasons than that to get qualified. There are an increasing number of jobs asking for these qualifications, pre-empting what’s coming for the housing sector but also showing that employers in the industry want to see that housing professionals care about their development.

“On an individual level, studying for any sector qualification demonstrates that you see yourself as a professional. For teams, qualifications push up the quality of service they deliver.

“I think The Learning Foundry have produced a comprehensive and compelling housing offer. We’re part of a regeneration organisation directly linked to housing. All of our development coaches are housing professionals, we know the challenges housing professionals are facing.

“Our connection to The Regenda Group is also an invaluable resource to our learners, not every training provider has access to this wealth of knowledge that we do.

“The Learning Foundry is a great option for employers. We’re not just a housing training provider. When you establish a relationship with The Learning Foundry you’ll have access to a wealth of training opportunities for your team.

“All of these opportunities are different to any kind of learning at school, college or even higher education. We offer a collaborative approach to learning, it’s a partnership between me and the learners where I can support them on their journey to get exactly where they want to be.”

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