Making your school's talent shine

At The Learning Foundry, we're here to support young people to make informed choices about their future.  Our goal is to make talent shine. We can provide advice and guidance about the wide range of study routes available and explain the benefits that a traineeship or apprenticeship can have in helping students to achieve their career goals.

We work closely with schools across the Liverpool City Region to inspire young people and engage with them to promote the opportunities available after leaving school.  As a Matrix-accredited provider, our team are highly qualified to provide young people with impartial information, advice and guidance to help them make informed career choices.

We recognise the value liaison activities can bring to schools, and our programmes are all bespoke to your school. We ensure that when we partner with you, we’re helping you to meet your commitments to the Gatsby Benchmarks – so your students are enriched, engaged, and above all - shine.

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Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

    • 1
    • A stable careers programme
    • 2
    • Learning from career and labour market information
    • 3
    • Addressing the needs of each pupil
    • 4
    • Linking curriculum learning to careers
    • 5
    • Encounters with employers and employees
    • 6
    • Experiences of workplaces
    • 7
    • Encounters with further and higher education
    • 8
    • Personal guidance
What is a traineeship?

What is a traineeship?

Our traineeship programmes are a fantastic option for young people aged 16-18 who are not currently in education, employment or training and are looking to gain the skills and confidence needed to kick-start their career and gain real life experience. 

Starting in September, we will work closely with our trainees to help find valuable work experience in their chosen career area, support them to develop their CV and prepare them for interviews, as well as providing functional skills training in English and Maths, giving them the best possible start to their career.  It is a great opportunity to enhance vocational skills, with valuable enrichment activity. We offer programmes in Adult Social Care, Business, Childcare, Dental, Housing, and a general programme.

Through a traineeship, we enrich their learning experience and provide guidance in a fun, engaging and creative way - enabling students to progress to an apprenticeship or further training.


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Why an apprenticeship?

Why an apprenticeship?

With an apprenticeship, students can earn and learn – gaining practical, on-the-job skills and experience to progress to the next level of their career, or education.

At The Learning Foundry, we believe that impartial advice and guidance about apprenticeship pathways are vital in ensuring your students receive a well-rounded view of the options available to them, as well as making sure that their choices are informed by support that has hit multiple Gatsby Benchmarks.

We work with employers across the Liverpool City Region to develop and secure apprenticeship opportunities in multiple sectors. With the Chancellor setting our financial incentives for employers to hire apprentices, it’s a fantastic time for your students to realise the benefits of apprenticeships and understand the many alternative paths they can take after school.


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What we offer

Our offer is bespoke to you. We provide tailored activities, advice and guidance designed for your school, and your students.

Our school liaison offer is engaging, informative and alternative.  From taster days and experience sessions, to team building breakout rooms and careers advice sessions, we want to make the talent in your school shine.

Tailored Sessions

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We're committed to working with local schools to make talent shine for all students. In these challenging times, we can work directly with you to develop a bespoke tailored programme of taster sessions for your students.

As a Matrix accredited training provider, our qualified and experienced team can provide young people with impartial information, advice and guidance to help them make informed career choices.

From taster sessions, to apprenticeship advice, careers guidance and engagement workshops, we're committed to providing bespoke services - recognising that no two students, or schools, are the same. 

Our partner work with schools not only equips your students with the information they need to progress and make their talent shine, but allows you to ensure you're succesfully complying the the Gatsby Benchmarks.


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