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Go ahead and do it! - Jennifer's story

Jennifer is a Compliance Coordinator at One Vision Housing – AND one of our amazing apprentices at The Learning Foundry, currently completing her Level 4 CIH Apprenticeship. 

After three years in the housing sector, Jennifer decided it was time to enhance her knowledge and undertake training with The Learning Foundry to gain more of an insight into other departments within her organisation.

“The apprenticeship has definitely helped me progress within my current role.  

“Every essay and every workshop has taught me more and more about the sector, my business and even other teams that I work alongside. It’s great to be able to understand how different teams work, the policies and legislation they have to follow. 

“In my role as compliance coordinator, I monitor seven different departments as well as our external contractors – so there’s a lot I need to keep my eye on and be aware of. 

“One thing that pleasantly surpised me was the flexibility I got to complete my assignments.  

“Balancing time can be tricky anyway, so it’s important you have that freedom to complete work at the times that suits me best! 

“I would absolutely recommend The Learning Foundry to others in the housing sector, and beyond. 

“My Development Coach was amazing, she was always there when I needed her and supported me personally when I was finding things like time management difficult.   

“I would tell housing managers who were thinking about doing more training to absolutely go ahead and do it!  

“The knowledge that I have gained over the course of the apprenticeship has enabled me to be able to progress through the business knowing more about legislation and policies. 

“I want to thank The Learning Foundry for having me and I look forward to doing my management course.”  

Congratulations, Jennifer! We can’t wait to have you back! 

Interested in our apprenticeship offer? Find out more, here.

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