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I struck gold with The Learning Foundry – Alexis' story

Growing up in a family of dentists and nurses, Alexis had a rough idea of what she was looking for when she left college looking for her next steps.  

She started looking into careers in dentistry when she stumbled across The Learning Foundry. We were able to find her a role as Apprentice Dental Nurse. We caught up with Alexis to find out how she’s been finding life as an apprentice... 

“Honestly, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised. It’s been really good!  

“I was expecting to be spooked out with things being completely new to me, but I’ve really enjoyed it! 

“I actually got to grips with things really fast, everyone lovely and that definitely made my experience a lot better. 

“I’ve been on my apprenticeship since March last year, so I’ll be finishing at the end of 2024. Before I started my apprenticeship I was in college – but I didn’t like it.  

"I knew it wasn’t for me. I’m a more hands on person. There’s lots of dentists and nurses in my family so I guess I was inspired! I started looking into careers in dentistry. The more I looked, the more I thought I’d like it, so that’s when I reached out to the The Learning Foundry. 

“Even from the first time I came onto campus, everyone was lovely! It was so obvious from day one, everyone was trying their best to help me and support me get to where I wanted to be. That made me even more motivated

"Even after they found me a placement, the team were reaching out to offer me support, and I know I could message anyone at The Learning Foundry and they’d be there for me.  

“I’ve developed so much as a person since starting my apprenticeship. Communication is one of the main skills I’ve developed. I speak to patients, therapists and dentists every day so I have to communicate effectively all the time. 

“A big part of my job is being able to make people feel comfortable, so communication is massively important. 

“Communication was something I probably struggled with before, particularly through COVID. I lost time in school and time outside meeting people, so that definitely had an effect on my ability to communicate and knocked my confidence.  

“I’m really excited about my future, now. My plan is to spend a few years as a qualified Dental Nurse, then explore dental therapy or become a dentist – I'm torn on which route to pursue. In my placement, I’ve been able to shadow implant surgeries and it is something that I’m really interested in. 

Every day is different, and very busy! I get to shadow a therapist or a dentist, help set up the room, sterilise instruments and then speak with the patients. You see someone different every 30 minutes so that day really flies. 

"I’m really proud of myself for getting out there and starting my career, and I’m excited for the things I can do in the future. 

"It’s a huge leap from college, I’d never even had a job before and now I have a great path for myself! 

“I'd recommend The Learning Foundry for anyone looking to start their career.  

I struck gold with The Learning Foundry. It’s the 1-2-1 support that’s been vital for me. It feels like a truly personalised experience. My coach knows me and I know I can trust and rely on her if I ever need anything. 

"I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Learning Foundry, especially my tutor, Lindsay, for the support!” 

Congratulations, Alexis. It's amazing what you've already achieved - and we can't wait to see what's next!

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