Abbie's journey: How can an ILM Management qualification positively impact my career? | News

Abbie's journey: How can an ILM Management qualification positively impact my career?

We spoke with Abbie Kelly, New Business and Support Services Manager at M&Y Maintenance and Construction, about her experience studying our Level 3 ILM Management qualification and how it has benefitted her in her role.

Initially, Abbie took the decision to undertake an ILM course at The Learning Foundry because she felt it would give her career prospects a boost, and she was right! In June 2020 Abbie became a manager at M&Y, a maintenance and construction company based in St Helens, where she was able to implement what she was learning and studying in her day job.

When Coronavirus hit, Abbie persevered with her learning and is excited about what the future holds once she has completed her qualification.

We sat down with Abbie for a chat about her motivations for learning at The Learning Foundry, how the experience has benefitted her, what impact her learning has had on her employer, and more.


What motivated you to take on an ILM qualification at The Learning Foundry?

Initially, I took on the qualification as I felt it would provide me with an excellent opportunity to progress within M&Y. I had the desire to progress but felt I was holding myself back, feeling that I needed to develop my management skills first, especially my confidence in making decisions. I wanted to sign up for the course to show my manager I was keen on progressing and wanted to get out of my comfort zone, as this is the only way you can develop. In June 2020 I was promoted to the position of New Business and Support Services Manager and now apply my new knowledge with my team.


How did Coronavirus impact your learning?

Although Coronavirus has led to a difficult and strange time for everyone, I feel that The Learning Foundry adapted quickly to help me to continue my learning. I personally found everything really accessible while studying and learning from home. Being able to access Learning Assistant with all the course materials and to continue conversations over Skype and Teams with my tutor was great.


What are you learning about yourself while studying at home?

On a personal level, one of the things that the experience is teaching me is how to try and see the positive in everything. When I am working on my course, I’m still doing exactly what I would do in the office and making a to do list, planning my time in my Outlook diary, structuring my day to make sure I get all my tasks done, and looking at the assessment criteria and making sure that I’m hitting all the boxes.  It's just a smaller walk to the kitchen for a cuppa!


What practical things do you feel you have learned to date while studying for your ILM course at The Learning Foundry?

I feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge including developing an understanding of what it takes to lead and motivate others to inspire better results. I feel that now more than ever, communication with your team is really important, and I feel that the course helped me to identify the most effective ways of communicating with my team to keep morale high.


Do you feel like your ILM Course has had a positive impact on your employer?

Absolutely! My employer saw the ambition I had in taking this course and I have since progressed into a management position!  For me, one of the standout positives of taking an ILM course is that it’s not only the learner that benefits, the employer also benefits. I have new skills that I wouldn’t have had before and they allow me to deliver my role even better.


Abbie’s story is a text book example of what can happen if you show the ambition to take on an ILM qualification at The Learning Foundry. It broadens your horizons, prospects and knowledge, and Abbie will no doubt go from strength to strength in her new management position! A huge congratulations to Abbie and we look forward to tutoring her for the remainder of her qualification, whether that be virtually or at The Watson Building!

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