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Talking Learning and Development With Kate Lynch, L & D Manager at The Regenda Group

We continue the theme of 'Learning Journeys' for Learning at Work Week with a look at the journey of Kate Lynch, Learning and Development Manager at The Regenda Group. In her role, Kate has worked very closely with The Learning Foundry and has been impressed with the range and quality of the qualifications on offer, both internally to employees at The Regenda Group and to organisations across the North West. 

Tell us how you ended up in this job?

As interim Learning and Development Manager, I am currently covering the role for Danielle Soens-Hughes, who is on maternity leave and returning next week. As a manager within our People Services team, I was able to draw upon my knowledge of the Group and our people to manage our internal learning and development programmes in Danielle’s absence and through a period of immense uncertainty and change.

What challenges did you face when learning new skills?

This year in particular has been a massive challenge and huge learning curve. Adapting our learning offer to Covid-19 has been a big challenge, especially as the majority of our existing offer was delivered face to face. However, I’m confident we managed to achieve this successfully and I’ve learnt lots of new skills along the way.

What surprised you about yourself?

How resilient and adaptable I actually am!


Why is learning and development so important today?

In a world with much uncertainty and change at the moment, learning and development is a key factor in remaining agile and adapting to whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, by giving you a range of transferrable skills and experience to draw upon whenever needed. I would really encourage people to continue to learn and develop both personally and professionally, as much as possible, to stay one step ahead of the game.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give about learning and developing?

Always remember that the biggest barrier to you achieving your goals is your mindset. You can always learn new skills and knowledge, even if it takes a bit longer than someone else. You just need the right mindset to succeed and work hard. If you put your mind to something, it’s possible to achieve anything. If you have weaknesses, make sure you are aware of them but then work on them, so they are no longer a barrier. Finally, always grasp learning opportunities with both hands, however they are presented in life. There will always be a lesson in everything you do.  

Are you interested in taking on an apprenticeship or upskilling your workforce?

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