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The Dental House - An Interview with Stuart Garton

The Dental House is a trusted and community-driven Dental practice in Old Swan, Liverpool, passionate about making all dental appointments as stress-free and pleasant as possible for their patients while providing a high-quality service. What they also care about greatly is giving back, hiring dental apprentices and developing these ambitious young upstarts to the point where they either continue to flourish at The Dental House or prosper elsewhere within the Dental sector.

I sat down with Stuart Garton, Clinical Director at The Dental House, to get a sense of the practice and to understand what exactly motivates them to hire Dental apprentices, how they have found the process of working with The Learning Foundry and much more.


Q. Hi Stuart, for our readers, what is your role at The Dental House?


A. I’m the Practice Owner / Clinical Director.


Q. What was The Dental House’s motivation for hiring an apprentice Dental Nurse?


A. We would like to develop outstanding Dental Nursing staff to work at our practice.  In the past, where we have recruited qualified staff from other practices, we have encountered the challenge that everyone has been trained differently and their standards and practices may not align with what we are trying to achieve.  By recruiting a brand-new apprentice, it allows us the opportunity to mould their development from the outset.


Q. Are there any reasons why it’s particularly important to hire an apprentice in your industry/sector?


A. Hiring an apprentice in our sector is crucial to allow a continuous flow of motivated and enthusiastic staff.


Q. How have you found working with The Learning Foundry? How did you find the support and what did The Learning Foundry do for you from a recruitment perspective?


A. The Learning Foundry have always been supportive to our apprentice nurses and to us as a business.


Q. Did you find it an easy process to take on an apprentice? Were there any issues/difficulties?


A. Yes.  Once we make the decision to hire an apprentice nurse, The Learning Foundry are always proactive in organising CVs and interviews.


Q. What kind of tasks does your apprentice dental nurse fulfil at The Dental House?


A. They support our clinicians at chairside to provide outstanding patient care.  They will also be involved with the decontamination of our instruments and often will receive some Customer Service training alongside this.


Q. Has the coronavirus negatively impacted on your apprentice’s experience at The Dental House? Are there challenges that he/she has had to overcome?


A. We have had to adapt the roles that many staff have taken on within the practice.  We have created the role of “buddy nurse” who can help to run instruments, particularly during AGP procedures.  As this is a gentle introduction to dental nursing, we have found that this is an ideal starter role for our apprentice nurses before progressing into chairside assisting.


Q. Have you taken on other apprentice Dental nurses from The Learning Foundry in the past? If so, were these hires a success?


A. We have taken on a number of apprentice nurses in the past.  Some of these have progressed to be outstanding members of staff and have taken on other roles within the business such as Treatment Co-Ordinator.


Q. What are some of the benefits, in your opinion, to hiring an apprentice from a dental practice perspective?


A. As a community driven organisation, it is brilliant to be able to provide local young people with opportunities to develop skills and progress with a career.


Q. Is there a long-term positive impact on The Dental House when hiring an apprentice dental nurse?


A. Yes, it has provided us with well-trained, qualified dental nurses within our organisation.


Q. Would you recommend that other dental practices consider hiring an apprentice dental nurse and why?


A. Yes – we would recommend and will continue to hire apprentice dental nurses in the future.  It is an opportunity to develop and mould staff to cater for the individual needs of your organisation and it has provided us with some of our very best staff members.


The Dental House has clearly benefitted and is continuing to benefit from hiring dental apprentices. If your dental practice is interested in hiring a dental apprentice or would like to learn more, please contact our Workforce Development team on 0300 123 8088 or email

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