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The Learning Foundry gave me the skills to start my journey: Lucas’ story

Since he was young, Lucas wanted to join the army, but he needed a push in the right direction to get him there. When Lucas joined The Learning Foundry he will admit he was a challenge, in need of some steering to get him to where he wanted to be.  

We caught up with Lucas a year since he joined us to see where he’s up to… 

What were you up to before you joined The Learning Foundry? 

“There is no appropriate word to describe my behaviour at school. More than naughty, constantly misbehaving. 

“I was still like that when I came to The Learning Foundry.” 

What changed? 

“I connected with Jo, my Development Coach, immediately.  

“I could tell she was a good person, and I think she could tell that, deep down, I was a good person, too. 

“I feel that she could see behind the naughty. I needed someone to be firm with me, but she was always fair.” 

What programme did you study with The Learning Foundry? 

“I did the Picture Your Future study programme. It was 16 weeks and I genuinely feel like I learnt everything! 

“I re-did my English and Maths, completed Functional Skills and learnt a lot of life skills as well. 

“I feel like I developed a lot in terms of working as a team, and Jo says she can see how much I’ve developed in terms of my confidence, too.” 

What happened next? 

“Since I was young I knew I wanted to go into the army. Members of my family had careers in the army and I saw all the places they got to go to, the sense of belonging they felt being part of that army family. I looked up to them, their discipline and commitment.  

“At TLF I got the skills to start my journey.  

“Now I’m training to be in the military, learning more life skills at the same time. 

“The dream is to join the parachute regiment. Go up to Yorkshire to do my training and then see where that takes me!” 

Sum up your experience with The Learning Foundry… 

“I know I was demanding when I started at TLF. I can see that I needed a firm teacher and I got it, but I got more than that, I got a tutor that understood me and wanted me to succeed.” 

Jo Reynolds, Lucas’ Development Coach, acknowledges the change she’s seen in Lucas: 

“Lucas was definitely a difficult learner, he had struggled to learn and engage with other development coaches. 

“When I took over the class, I had to be firm with Lucas, and his class. I think he saw quite quickly that I was trying to help him, and things did start to change.  

“He completed his work experience at The Learning Foundry and from then I found him an interview for his army college, and I went to the interview with him. 

“It’s great to have been able to support him on his journey. He’s even coming in to speak to our current learners, showing them what they can achieve when they put their mind to it! 

“I am genuinely excited to see what he does next.” 

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