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The Learning Foundry strive to help you achieve success - Nichola's story

Nichola started a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management at the very start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Three years later, she finished the course with a Distinction, applying her new knowledge in her role as UK and Export Sales Administrations Manager at The Rayware Group.

We caught up with Nichola to congratulate on her on her achievement and found out what she had to say about her experience with The Learning Foundry.

“I’ve done lots of in-house training in my previous roles, but I really wanted a universally and industry-recognised qualification.

“The Rayware Group, and my Chief Operating Officer are proactive about employees progressing their personal development and we have had other members of staff complete qualifications with The Learning Foundry.

“The Learning Foundry came into our office to talk through the range of training opportunities available. This was informative and gave us the opportunity to ask questions and dig a little deeper as to what would be required.

“From here, a group of us scheduled a visit to the TLF campus. Two Development Coaches met with us and walked us through the two higher qualification levels. Their extensive knowledge and experience gave me insight and managed my expectations of what the course would be like. After all of this, I felt confident that the qualification with The Learning Foundry would give me everything I need.

“As a manager, I was initially apprehensive due to the level of commitment that would be required on top of my day-to-day duties however I was supported completely by my coach, Sue. She kept me on track throughout my qualification, pulling me up if she felt like I was falling off track.

“Each of the units I completed was relevant to the work I do every day. The course contains the latest management thinking techniques that I was able to apply to work placed decisions. Getting over the initial fear of returning to study went quite quickly, and the learning helped me navigate through changes that came about because of the COVID pandemic and developments within my business.

“Training exposed me to other business areas that I had basic involvement and experience in such as Finance. Now an area I’d be interested in understanding even better!

“The last time I did any campus-based learning was during college – which was a little while ago now. Throughout my qualification I loved being on campus. Once a month we’d have workshops, but my development coach gave me additional allocated times for quiet study – or if there were workshops in other subject areas that could supplement my learning.

“I loved collaborating with other learners on my course, learning from their experiences and using this information to inform my studies – and my professional practice.

“I’ve recommended The Learning Foundry to people within my organisation. Some of my fellow managers are considering taking up the opportunity to completed qualifications through TLF and one of my team members has already put their name forward to complete the Level 3 Team Leader qualification.

“People across the businesses have been my success after getting my distinction and they want to see how they can get that, too – and that’s when I tell them about The Learning Foundry.

“The Learning Foundry strive to help you achieve success. And it’s definitely started something and I’m keen to see what else is on offer."

Wow. Another huge congratulations to Nichola, an amazing example of what we do every single day at The Learning Foundry.

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