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Why we’re supporting Inside Housing’s ‘Housing Hires’ campaign

Inside Housing have just launched the ‘Housing Hires’ campaign to promote the housing sector as a place for people to start and develop careers. 

It’s about promoting the diverse range of opportunities within the sector and encouraging people to step into or stay in the world of housing. 

It’s brilliant to see Inside Housing launch a national campaign to address the recruitment and retention challenges that we’re seeing right across the sector.  

As part of The Regenda Group, we understand housing. We understand the drive to professionalise the sector, and to offer development opportunities for housing professionals.  

Our training initiatives are designed by the sector, for the sector, as an investment in staff and future talent. We support professionals at all stages of their career, on the front line and up to executive level.  

Not only that, but our learning and development specialists work with communities to make careers in housing accessible to all.  We feel strongly about supporting the development of a diverse and representative housing workforce. 

Our Head of Commercial, Steve Blackburn, says: 

“This is an exciting step to make careers in housing accessible to all people. As part of The Regenda Group, The Learning Foundry understand the need for a skilled workforce for the sector. At The Learning Foundry, we design courses for all people to access the skills they need to start a meaningful and sustainable career in housing, closing skills gaps in our communities and developing a workforce for the future.”  

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive at the Regulation of Social Housing (RSH), said: 

“Let’s try and make the sector a place where people want to work … Providers continue to report labour shortages … in particular in relation to repairs and maintenance, which is slowing delivery in a period in which we continue to see both increased investment in improving the quality of existing homes and forecasts in stock investment also continuing to increase.”  

Want to know more about starting a career in housing? Click here.

Or find out more about Housing Hires, here. 

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