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Customer Service to Concierge: A Lewis Nicol Case Study

We chatted to Lewis Nicol, former Level 2 Customer Service learner at The Learning Foundry and now part of the Concierge team with Redwing at Plaza 1821, about his motivations for taking on the qualification at The Learning Foundry, the challenges he faced when learning new skills and much more!

From Apprentice to Managing Director: A Chat With Jo Abraham

Jo Abraham, Managing Director at The Learning Foundry, took on an apprenticeship in Business Administration at the age of  just 17 and her learning journey and career have been on an upward trajectory ever since. Jo's is a learning journey that should be read by current and aspiring apprentices throughout the North-West and across the UK.

Learning at Work Week: An Apprentice's Journey

This year's theme for Learning at Work Week is 'Learning Journeys', which aims to celebrate and inspire everyone's unique learning experiences.
Lauren Bundu took on a Level 2 Business Adminsitration apprenticeship at The Learning Foundry and is flying high as a People Services Assistant at The Regenda Group. 

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