The Learning Foundry Cancellation Policy - Short Courses and Workshops

The Learning Foundry is one of the North West’s most successful training providers. Now part of The Regenda Group, we offer a wide range of training and apprenticeship qualifications.

This cancellation policy sets out the terms and conditions relating to bookings for short courses and workshops offered on a commercial basis by The Learning Foundry (TLF) including receiving payments, course cancellations and refunds.

1. Definitions

Organisation – An external company using TLF services

Delegate – A person attending the course

Will and Should: Within this document will is used when TLF or others need to comply with requirements and should is used when it is advised to.

2. Scope and Exemptions

This policy covers all commercial courses offered by The Learning Foundry; this does not include any government funded training programmes that TLF offer as they are governed by a separate set of funding rules as set out by ESFA.

3. Policy Detail

3.1 Policy

3.1.2 Payment of course fees

All courses must be paid for in advance prior to attendance, or the course place will not be confirmed. Payment is preferred online via Bookwhenat the time of booking. TLF will invoice organisations in circumstances where purchase orders are required. Payment terms on invoices raised will be for immediate payment.  The course place(s) will not be confirmed until payment is received.  Confirmation of course booking will be sent by TLF upon receipt of payment.


3.1.3 Cancellation and Refunds


Summary of cancellation charges are as follows:


Timescale of cancellation notice


28 days or more before the course start date

Full refund will be given

15-27 days before the course start date

50% refund will be given

14 days or less before the course start date

We regret that no refund can be given if a cancellation is made 14 calendar days or less before the course start date.


Refunds will only be made to the payees account from where the original payment was made.


To prevent cancellations and fees where possible, TLF will be happy for the organisation to change the delegate name free of charge up to 48 hours before the start date of the course.  For bookings that are at risk of being cancelled and no replacement delegate is made, we will be happy to transfer the booking to the next available date free of charge, or for the delegate to be added to the waiting list if a course date has not yet been confirmed. Transfers can only be made up to 48 hours of the course start and can only transfer once.   


All requests to cancel, change a delegate name or transfer to a new course date must be made in writing to TLF will confirm the request with a written acknowledgment within 24 hours of receipt. TLF will aim to process refunds within 14 days of written acknowledgement being sent.


3.1.4 Course Cancellations from TLF


Lack of minimum delegates

In order to ensure the best learning experience possible for our learners, there will be a minimum number of delegates required for each course to run effectively (these may vary depending on the course topic). Therefore, when minimum course thresholds have not been met, TLF reserve the right to cancel the course. Cancellations made in this circumstance by TLF will be communicated to delegates within 48 hours of the course start date. Delegates will be offered a new course date and transferred to the next available course.  If the delegate is not able to attend on the alternative date(s) given, a full refund will be made available. TLF will aim to refund payees within 14 days of the course cancellation.


Course Trainers

All courses and workshops offered by TLF will be delivered by an experienced and qualified tutor who specialises in their relevant field. In the unforeseen event of illness or difficult personal circumstances, we (TLF) may substitute the tutor at short notice for another suitable qualified tutor or trainer. If for any reason a replacement tutor could not be found at short notice, TLF reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the session at its sole discretion in order to provide a high-quality learning experience for the delegate. Where possible 24 hours’ notice should be given to delegates, but on rare occasions may happen on the day of the course in the event of emergencies.


TLF reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without incurring any additional liability to the individual or organisation in which they work. Such circumstances are but not limited to: weather conditions, fire, flood, transport strikes, closures or delays or any other force majeure or act of God. In such circumstances, we will offer alternative dates where possible, with delegates able to transfer their booking free of charge to an alternative date. Special consideration may be given to individual cases if necessary if this occurs and refunds given at the sole discretion of TLF.


3.1.5 COVID19 cancellations

Staff and learner’s safety are integral to everything that we do at TLF and we will ensure we undertake all necessary risk assessments and precautions. Cancellations and refunds for delegates relating to COVID19 will be treated on an individual basis where necessary and at the sole discretion of TLF.

4. Associated Documents

4.1 Associated legislation, regulation and gudiance 

Associated legislation, regulation and external standards

Consumer Rights Act 2015 -


4.2 Associated TLF/Group documents/guidance


Associated legislation, regulation and external standards

Commercial offer process map and guidance notes

Regenda Group financial regulations

Customer Feedback Policy

Ebis guides



5. Equality, diversity and human rights

The Learning Foundry is committed to ensuring that no person or group of persons will be treated less favourably than another person or group of persons and will carry out our duty with positive regard for the following core strands of equality: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.  However, we also recognise that some people experience disadvantage due to their socio-economic circumstances, employment status, class, appearance, responsibility for dependents, unrelated criminal activities, being HIV positive or with AIDS, or any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice. 

The Learning Foundry will also ensure that all services and actions are delivered within the context of current human rights legislation. Staff and others with who we work, will adhere to the central principles of the Human Rights Act (1998).


6. Responsibilities

6.1 The Managing Director has overall responsibility for this policy.

6.2 The Workforce Development Team Leaders has day to day responsibility for the delivery of the policy. 

6.3 All TLF staff who are involved in the commercial offer booking, cancellation or refund process have a shared responsibility to adhere to this policy.  

7. Development and implementation

7.1 This policy has been developed in consultation with The Regenda Group Finance and Business Transformation team with reference to the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Best practice research has been conducted against existing group financial policies to ensure they are standardised.

7.2 The policy will be implemented effectively with the development of an accompanying process and training sessions delivered to the Workforce Development Team. Ebis training will also be delivered to the Workforce Development Team.                        

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