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What is Youthquake?

Youthquake is all about making a difference – not just to your area, but to your future career too!  You’ll be challenged to come up with a business idea to solve a problem you’ve found in your local area. After all, you know where you live best!   At the end of the programme, you’ll have to present your new proposals to our panel of experts – Youthquake’s version of Dragon’s Den!  

2021 may have started strange, but we'll be making your talent shine online! Youthquake will be a virtual learning experience, so you can learn from the comfort of home! 

If you take part in Youthquake, you’ll be finding out first-hand what it’s like to plan and run a business.  You’ll work in groups and on your own to come up with a unique proposal for a business, looking at products, branding, websites, ethics, audiences, and more!  As part of the programme you’ll hear inspirational talks from experts including Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, Garth Dallas, Northern Power Women and more!  

After you complete the programme, we will support you to find employment through an Apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship is an opportunity to earn while you learn, leading to an industry recognised qualification.

What will you achieve?


    • 1
    • You'll explore the opportunities that exist in the Liverpool City Region.
    • 2
    • You'll explore what the issues are where you live - what's your first idea for a business? What is the opportunity?
    • 3
    • You will think about ethics and 'doing good'. What does the future look like, and will your business help?
    • 4
    • You'll develop a business offer, then look at a 5 year plan of how your business will make an impact where you live.
    • 5
    • Location, location, location! Where will you be based? You'll look at actual shops, and online spaces. What are the challenges to your business?
    • 6
    • Let's think about how it'll look! You'll think about branding, audiences, and how to present your idea.
    • 7
    • Go, go go! 4 weeks to develop your idea. Build a brand and website, create sample products, and get feedback!
    • 11
    • Work experience. 8 weeks to develop skills and confidence with real work placements to support your career dreams!

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What are your objectives?


Youthquake isn't just a course, it's a challenge! Your business idea needs to have purpose and prove to our business experts that you can make a difference.  Your concept will make a difference to your area - but what will you get out of it?  The knowledge you'll gain is key for business success! You'll:

  • Analyse information from speakers, briefs and resources, and recognise key information that could be applied creatively to your project - or in your future career!
  • Compare different sources of information and learning materials to evaluate what data is useful, and what could be applied further. 
  • Get an understanding of the different ways information and demographics can be classified, and what this means.  
  • Interpret information from resource packs such as statistics and data. You'll then be able to give examples of how this information relates to your decision making.  
  • Evaluate your own decisions and work, and find out how it could be developed and improved.
  • Understand what social businesses are, what their opportunities and challenges are.
  • Understand key aspects from the themes of the Good Business Festival. This could be employment, economic and environmental trends, and more - in your area or on a national scale!
  • Understand the basic principles of things to consider when setting up a business, such as local needs, a business premises, target clients, vision and values, and developing a product.



By developing your business idea for Youthquake, you'll be gaining valuable skills. From entrepreneurship to social value, by the end of our programme, you'll be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical and creative learning and reflection skills learning through a mixture of written and spoken word, notes, sketches and models. 
  • Develop listening and responding skills, key for business pitches!
  • Develop an ability to independently research for information from reputable sources.   
  • Gain confidence and experience in public speaking, both informally in working groups and in a professional setting for the pitch.  
  • Use holistic learning models to collect, assemble and apply information across different formats, not just your own project!  
  • Use creative design skills to develop visual materials which visualise your brand, product, and more. 
  • Develop your digital literacy in creating a website, using social media, creating marketing material.  
  • Develop your skills in writing, rehearsing, arranging and structuring for your pitch presentations. 



One of the keys to success in business is having the right attitude.  You'll:

  • Develop teamworking skills.
  • Increaseyour sense of accountability and responsibility for developing and planning work independently and as part of a group.  
  • Gain confidence in the validity of their own ideas, and how to formulate them.  
  • Develop your ability to critically reflect on your own and others’ work and ideas, and offer constructive feedback and recommendations.  
  • Develop resilience to take work critiques and feedback constructively, not personally.  
  • Acknowledge that the value of your input, ideas and effort takes precedence over ‘perfect’ spelling, drawing, and presentations!
  • Encourage and manage your team in group work., understanding the value, opportunities and challenges of collaboration.  
  • Understand your business idea and products enough to confidently justify, sell and defend it.


Exclusive opportunities with Northern Power Women!

For Youthquake we're working with NORTHERN POWER WOMEN to deliver some amazing, exclusive new opportunities!  

  • POWER PLATFORM - a fantastic tool to make connections and get yourself known!  You'll have access and be able to take the power traits test to see how you've progressed through Youthquake!
  • BLOGS - take part in sessions to follow your Youthquake journey!
  • MENTORING - short mentoring sessions with industry experts, to really sharpen your knowledge!
  • BEHEARD - sign up to be part of this great campaign to make your voice heard!


Register your interest in Youthquake by 15th January, 2021!


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Virtual learning

Virtual learning

So 2021 is a bit different, and so is our learning, but that means we'll make your talent shine in exciting new ways.  

We'll use virtual learning to give you online classes and talks, so you'll be able to chat 1:1 to your tutors and people on the course.   It might not be what you're used to with learning, but it'll open doors to exciting new opportunities and you'll be part of this grear new experience!

Making your talent virtually shine!  Or shine online. We love a rhyme.

Picture Your Future

What is a traineeship?

With a traineeship, you’re getting started in the sector you want to work in, with a course that’s all about getting you the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

We’re not like school or college. You’ll learn in a dynamic way, with work placements, time at our campus in Liverpool City Centre, and online classes.  We work with employers across the Liverpool City Region to get you real work experience, and our tutors are friendly and committed to making you shine – they’re on-hand to give you support with English and Maths, and develop your CV and employability skills.


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Register your interest in Youthquake by 15th January, 2021!


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