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Elliot's Experience: An Interview With a Learning Foundry Trainee

The Learning Foundry sits down with Elliot, a learner on our 'Picture Your Future' Traineeship at our HQ, The Watson Building, Liverpool City Centre. We uncover why he chose The Learning Foundry, how he has benefited from his time on the Traineeship and more!

Q: What motivated you to take on a Traineeship at The Learning Foundry?


A: I saw the good opportunities on offer and The Learning Foundry had a lot of connections to other businesses and because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, this sort of kept my options open and gave me something to look forward to.


Q: Where did you hear about the Traineeship at The Learning Foundry?


A: I have a friend who came in through The Learning Foundry and within a couple of weeks he was lining up a job interview so I thought it would be stupid to pass up the opportunity!


Q: What Traineeship did you undertake at The Learning Foundry?


A: I'm on the 'Picture Your Future' Traineeship, which has helped me to match my career goals to relevant placements. I’ve also been learning Occupational Skills and The Learning Foundry has been teaching us to be better with our communication and teamwork and just teaching us how to be more employable in general. I’ve learned how to be more confident, they tend to give you more of that, they make you believe in yourself and show you that you have got skills that you didn’t even know you had.


Q: Why would you recommend someone to take on a Traineeship at The Learning Foundry?


A:  The success rates! A lot of people that start here tend to end up with an apprenticeship and then obviously further in life end up with a full-time job!


Q: Have The Learning Foundry Supported you During Your Time at The Watson Building?


A: When I arrived at The Learning Foundry my CV was just a block of words with no substance to it, but since being here and just a few weeks into the Traineeship I’ve had an interview and was successful so they’ve very much helped!


Q: What are your Ambitions Following Your Traineeship?


A: To go into an Apprenticeship with a company in the business district in Liverpool. After a year or two of doing that, I would hope to be full-time and then hopefully work my way up as high as I can.


Q: Has your Traineeship at The Learning Foundry Met Your Expectations?


A: Definitely, when I first arrived, you’d see games being played and you’d think ‘I don’t know why we’re doing this’, and then you finish the games and it’s explained to you what skills were developed, even little things that sound silly end up being very helpful!


Since completion of this interview, Elliot has begun a Level 3 Apprenticeship at a highly reputable organisation in the Liverpool Business District and will now ‘Earn While he Learns’. If you’re ambitious like Elliot and would like to learn more about applying for a Traineeship at The Learning Foundry, please click here: https://www.thelearningfoundry.co.uk/traineeships

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