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More changes to the housing sector – is now the time to train?

The Regulator of Social Housing has announced plans to carry out a National Tenant Survey with social housing tenants to complement the existing Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) survey already collected by social landlords.

The additional survey for social housing customers aims to give the Regulator a reliable benchmark for landlords’ TSM results and the varying levels of satisfaction across different groups of tenants, so that housing associations can better meet the diverse needs of their tenants.

This demonstrates the Regulator’s move towards proactive customer regulation and an increased focus on how housing staff perform towards tenant satisfaction and customer service.

Given this move by the regulator and the demand for more tenant focussed performance metrics, it is more important than ever, that housing professionals have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to deliver on behalf of the people living within their properties.

At The Learning Foundry, we’ve created a comprehensive training offer for the housing sector and in collaboration with the sector.

Our training programmes and qualifications, ensure housing teams can deliver high quality services to their residents. Courses are delivered by industry experts, like Steve, who understand the challenges professionals face day-to-day.

As part of The Regenda Group, social housing is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to support the sector to navigate these changes and embed the new requirements.

We’ve got courses ranging from Level 2 qualifications in customer service to CIH Level 5 Diplomas in Housing which we can deliver in a way that doesn’t impact on your core service.

Give us a call and our team will guide you through funding options, making the most of your levy, and ensure you have a solution that works for your organisation, your staff and importantly, your customers.

0300 123 8088

Click here to meet Steve Blackburn, one of our Housing Learning and Development Specialists.


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